Welcome to your online triathlon community

I started writing a blog back in 2010 about our family life as my husband started training for his first Hawaii Ironman experience. I was sharing my experiences as we travelled to races on Twitter (@trititbits), then Facebook and Instagram. Over the years we visited Hawaii three times and many other race locations around Australia and abroad. I evolved my blog to offer tips for triathlon supporters and families who live a triathlon lifestyle.

Eight years on my son now also competes in triathlons so our daily life involves triathlon talk, training scheduling and race planning. We lead a triathlon lifestyle and that’s what TriCrew is all about.

I have always felt there was a need for more information for families who like us search for answers online about what to buy and where to find it, what races to go to and where to stay, what to do with the family around races and all the other triathlon related things you need to know!

Triathlon is a way of life. 

TriCrew is an online triathlon community supporting a triathlon lifestyle – in every way. It’s about all the things that the other triathlon websites don’t talk about.

Managing family life, supporting the triathletes, travelling to race locations, and now that my son is part of junior triathlon program I want to share with others how you can encourage your child to try a triathlon and if they are keen, what are all the opportunities for the young ones.

We live in Australia so my focus is on what is happening here but I do like to share our experiences with triathlon overseas too.

Our race location information is mainly around Australia but also beyond to places Australians tend to head to compete in triathlons – New Zealand, Asia and our favourite, the Big Island in Hawaii!

We share information and tips on accommodation, places to eat and things to do and the hang outs and hot spots on race day. We are about the experience of a triathlon in every way.

Registering for a triathlon (especially long course) is a commitment to a training plan that requires dedication and consistency. It involves the whole family. Usually the race is not in your home town, so part of the planning is organising how to get there, where to stay and what to do while you are there.

Travelling as a triathlete (especially with a family) is not like heading off on a holiday. When you get to your destination there is pre-race preparation required yet you are in a foreign place. Where do you get  help if you have forgotten a key race essential? Where do you find the food you like to eat? What can your family and supporters see and do during your time away? This is where we hope our reports, reviews and tips can help you on your triathlon journey.

Having a teenager training and racing adds another element to our triathlon life. At the start we didn’t know the best way for him to train, what races he could do and what development programs were offered in Australia. We are still learning and often get asked by others on the process, so I have recently added the TriYouth pages to share what we know.

When we travel to a races we are very active on our social networks posting on Facebook, Tweeting, and Instagram,  so you can connect with us if you are at the same race, get tips over the weekend, or just watch from afar all the excitement that surrounds the triathlon week.

Join us on our social networks, comment on our posts, or email us and tell us what you want to hear about. Write an article for us. Let us interview you. Share amongst the triathlon community.

Hope to meet you on our triathlon journeys!

Lisa xx