Why the Huskisson Triathlon weekend is a family affair.

Looking for a triathlon event all the family can enjoy? Then may I suggest planning a weekend in Huskisson.

As February comes around each year, our family has a scheduled annual weekend away in Huskisson and we are always super excited as the dates get closer. The event is the Big Husky Tri Weekend and this year (2020) it celebrates its 15th year!

The Big Husky Triathlon Festival has grown to become one of Australia’s most loved ‘Long Course’ events organised by Elite Eneregy. Not only is it popular with triathletes across NSW who have enjoy it as an annual pilgrimage on the calendar but you also find triathletes and their families flying in from across Australia to enjoy the weekend.

This is why I think it’s a must-do for all triathlon families.

  • Huskisson and the Jervis Bay area is a beautiful part of Australia with so many outdoor activity options available including famous white-sand beaches and clear turquoise waters. Not to mention lots of accommodation and dining options. Learn more HERE.
  • The weekend offers everyone young and old a race to challenge them no matter what level of fitness. Yes the focus is swim, bike and run but you don’t have to do all three. Enjoy an ocean swim in the clear blue waters, challenge yourself to a 2, 5 or 10km run, choose your favourite leg and find some team members for your first triathlon experience and introduce the young ones to the sport in the Mini Man. There are so any options every year I wonder how they manage to run them all so efficiently!
  • The weekend showcases the camaraderie and inclusivity of triathlon. This triathlon weekend just has a great feel. Relaxed, fun and inspirational are just a few of the feelings you get when out amongst the crowds and watching the races. You feel happy to have chosen the sport and a triathlon lifestyle.
  • It’s the perfect event if you are new to triathlon or want to introduce a family or friend to the sport. Because of all the reasons above it is a great first-timers triathlon weekend away. Even family and friends who don’t race are there to support and everyone has a good time.
  • Many Tri Clubs get involved in this triathlon bringing their team tents and cheer squads – so you will get lots of club love and may even make some new friends who have the same passion of triathlon!

So if you are reading this and thinking you should lock in a weekend in Huskisson for the next Big Husky Triathlon Festival this year – great! But I have a warning for you – plan to book for next year!

This weekend of triathlon is the perfect race to plan an extended stay so you have time to enjoy this beautiful area of NSW.

The Elite Energy Husky Triathlon weekend is so popular that most accommodation is booked out a year ahead – even the camping site! You may be able to fluke a last-minute cancellation or find somewhere in another nearby town. However, staying near to Huskisson town and beach where the triathlon hub is located allows you to be amongst all the action over the weekend and easily go back and forth between events avoids a lot of commuting on highways from nearby towns and will keep the family happy. There are some amazing holiday homes on offer and lots to do with the family. I have a few suggestions HERE.

Whether you can just stay for one race, all of them or you want to plan a week-long family holiday the Big Husky Triathlon Festival weekend is certainly worthy of at least one visit. I promise you once you have had the experience you may just make it an annual event like us!

Tell me what do you love about the Huskisson Triathlon Festival weekend if you have been before?

Learn about the Big Husky Triathlon Festival HERE.

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