Choosing Your Race Destinations

If you are like our family, giving up racing won’t be happening for a long time yet. It has been over ten years for us. Mountain bike races, running races, short-course triathlons, ocean swims, Ironman 70.3 and then Ironman. We have been to lots of races! So how to you choose your next race destinations?

Funny thing happened to me at the last half-marathon I raced. As my friend and I met in the post race recovery and high fived that we had finished our eighth half, we also decided that we have competed in that race too many times. Not a half marathon, but that particular course. We realised that to keep up the motivation to train we need a new race destination.

This is also true when it comes to triathlons, particularly Ironman  – although Hawaii is an exception!

I understand a triathletes argument of wanting to return to the same course to achieve a PB on the course. Two times I accept, maybe even three I can live with – beyond that I am getting bored!

Now I am writing from an Ironman wife’s point of you but it’s important to hear me out.

If you are going to race Ironman long term you need the love and support of your family. If you are married with kids, the family usually accompany you to an Ironman triathlon. If you take the family along, it usually makes sense to tag on a few days either side and make it a holiday – especially since it’s time off work for all, and maybe off school for the young ones. This means your race destinations need to work into your lives and holiday schedule.

As an Ironman wife I accept that most of our holidays will be planned around a key race, however I am now putting my foot down (are you reading hubby?) and declaring “variety is the spice of life!”

There are so many options out there. Yes for Australians and New Zealanders we have a long way to travel for most races, but you can only do so many Ironman races a year, and the years are disappearing! So, get the calendar out, log on to the Ironman website, or Challenge, or even if you are thinking smaller races and closer to home, check out what other options are out there, research the race destinations (we have a few reviews for you to look over on our pages) and choose somewhere new to race this season.

My choice picks (this month) would be Challenge Roth, Germany (for the experience), Ironman Nice, France ( try and tie in with the Tour De France) and one in an Asian resort so I can lie by the pool or on a white beach under a palm tree.

We would love to hear about what race destinations you are off to next. What are you bucket lists races? What races would you recommend as a “must do” ?

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