Hot spots to eat in Husky

Wherever we travel for a triathlon, finding the best coffee in town (for that early morning start) and the popular spots for a healthy and tasty meal is top on our list and not always an easy task!

A small town like Husky is going to have limited options for eating out however they are a popular tourist spot so you can certainly find some cafes and restaurants who are offering all the things us city dwellers appreciate. Only issue can be the extra wait for the morning brew or to nab a table!

Food on the go is often easy because the organisers Elite Energy have food and drink stalls set up around the race hub. Apart from the usual snag on a roll offered by the locals (and we do like to support them!) sometimes there is a funky food van offering something different (but not always) and a few coffee vans of course!

My one complaint at triathlons is for a sport that requires it’s competitors to be particularly fit and healthy on event day it is often hard to find healthy food! What about a green smoothie or post-race smoothie option please 🙂

So here are some suggestions on hot spots to head over the weekend to kick back and enjoy a meal or drink in between all the racing and cheering!

On our last visit to Husky we had a delicious breakfast and then a lunch and drinks a the Huskisson Hotel which is right in the centre of all the activity and bustling with triathletes the whole weekend.

5 Little Pigs is also a popular spot near the race with some healthy dishes including lots of gluten free options. According to a past Husky Tri visitor it has the “Best Burger Ever!” – I can’t vouch for this yet!

If you are happy to eat just veg, then Pilgrims looks good and it offers Mexican meals on Friday and Saturday night – yes it’s still all vegetarian!

If meat is your thing, or apple turnovers filled with fresh cream, then you will want to visit at least once the famous Huskisson Bakery! It opens early (great for race morning) and you can dine in but yes there will be queues out the door – maybe even around the corner!

My new discoveries to try this year will be Salty Joe’s because it’s inspired by the beach loving vibes of Southern California and I can get myself a morning smoothie bowl packed full of green goodness! As the day goes on it’s burger ad bowls and maybe a vino or shot of tequila.

If we feel like something a little special, what seems to be the fanciest restaurant in town, is The Quarters. Describing it’s menu as modern Australian, pulling inspiration from the Mediterranean and Asia, along with classic dishes and comfort food – and utilising local produce from the land and the sea – love it! Open for lunch and dinner on weekends, it also has a nice looking cocktail menu including my favourite Expresso Martini…my thoughts is this place may need to be saved for post race celebrations. Unfortunately we won’t be in Husky long enough for the experience this year!

Prefer an Asian meal? There is Thai and Japanese options in Husky town too so a bit to chose from but my one tip is to book ahead!

Where is your favourite place to eat in Huskisson? Let us know.

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