Out amongst the Ironman family again!

Looking forward to heading to Canberra over the weekend for our first Ironman event this season. Funny how now after all these years I get a bit excited about it – even though I am not the triathlete!

Goes to show how embedded the lifestyle becomes and also how connected you begin to feel with fellow triathlete families. These days some of  our closest friends we met through triathlon and we contnue to make new friends and feel even more a part of triathlon and, in particular, the Ironman family, as the years go on.

The Canberra 70.3 Ironman is one we have been attending for many years- although the incovenient time (always the last couple of weekends before Christmas day) means I haven’t always been able to make the trek. This time however, I will be down, no kiddies in tow, lugging a  few boxes full of my supporter tees to sell.

Our friend, and well know Ironman triathlete, John Hill –  who also owns Fastgear –  is letting me swing up a rope on his stand and show off my wares. Please come and visit if you are down there also.

One of my favourite parts of the triathlons is talking to other spectators and Ironman wives like myself – I always take away a tip or two about where to go, where to stay, or what race we should next be attending! Thats the reason for this website – so we can share amongst us all those things that are usually only past on through word of mouth.

Watch this space for my new section “Supporter Secrets”. I am asking people I know who are heading to different races throughout the season to answer a few questions for me on the race and race location. Tips that you want find on the triathlon websites – so tell your triathlon friends!

First up will be Canberra…..

Hope to see you there or at another race soon!

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