Supporter Tips: Cheering the loudest!


If you are about to play the part of a supporter at an upcoming race your partner or friend is taking part in, then you might want to start planning…

When a big race is on the horizon, you start to think about what you can do on the day to support your loved one. 

A few times, I have not planned ahead and found myself racing around a strange town looking for something, anything, that I can use as supporter clothes or cheer tools.

Below are some suggested items I have used or seen other people use – have seen so many creative ideas. There is always a group of people who seem so much more organised than you – but you don’t need much to make a fuss!!


  • Support Crew T-Shirts – these can be made or ordered if you are organised. If you have the time, there are a lot of online businesses who print to order tees with your own names, numbers, slogans and photos. If you are not so organised, grab an old or cheap tee and some t-shirt pens or paints and get creative! 
  • Signs – use paint on sheets or fabric if you have somewhere to hang it or use paints/pens/crayons on cardboard. Some events provide banners and board and sticks and an area to put them up. Hang them off your balcony or on your car if you are on the race course.


  • Clappers & Bells – these are sometimes handed out and are great entertainment for kids – and useful after hours of clapping as hands start to ache! Bells and maraccas also work well.
  • Chalk – write messages to your loved ones on the roads and pavements.


  • Get patriotic and take with you your nations flag, flag stickers and tatoos for kids to wear, or maybe some patriot tees and caps.


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