The benefits of joining your local triathlon club

Are you a member of a triathlon club? Across Australia there are 200 Triathlon Australia affiliated clubs run by locals for the locals – and there are many reasons why you should join one especially if you are new to triathlon.

As a beginner triathlete there are lot of aspects to triathlon you need to get your head around and since it’s not a team sport, you need to connect with other triathletes. A triathlon club offers you access to other local triathletes, and their knowledge, a support network for training and racing, and to so much more!

Our family have been members of our local club for a number of years and although there has been times that we haven’t felt as connected with so much going on in our lives, we still get involved when we can and check-in on what the club is up, connecting when we can. We certainly appreciate over the years not only the passion and energy the club members put into the sport of triathlon, especially committee members and volunteers, but we are also very grateful for the many life long friendships we have made thanks to being involved in club races and activities – I am sure many other triathletes could say the same!

Triathlon Australia lists the following benefits of joining your local club:

  • They help you have fun and learn about triathlon;
  • They offer qualified coaches to help you get better at triathlon;
  • They will help you participate in a triathlon in a safe environment;
  • You will make new friends who are also interested in triathlon;
  • The club offers lots of opportunities to participate in not only in triathlons but also Duathlons and Aquathlons and;
  • All the family can get involved.

I agree with all this, but let me expand on some of these:

  • Joining your local triathlon club makes you feel part of a team, and this camaraderie (whether it’s people to train with, travel to races with, race alongside or cheer each other on) and the relationships you form are such a special part of the sport of triathlon.
  • Being part of your local club allows you and your family to be involved in local activities and volunteer your time to a sport you love. You feel involved and connected in your local community.
  • Triathlon clubs cater for triathletes of all abilities and are inclusive of all members including social members, triathlon supporters, volunteers and everyone’s children.
  • Triathlon clubs don’t just organise training sessions and races, but also social events so you can get to know the other members. If you are new to the area, if you are young and unencumbered by family life, or if you would just like some planned social activities to add to your week, the club offers meet ups and events you can get involved in so you can build new relationships and learn more about triathlon – and who knows what else!

It certainly isn’t expensive to join your local triathlon club and there are no expectations just lots of opportunities.

If you want to find out what clubs are near you, click your state below for a full list:

Each of the states Triathlon Organisations under the umbrella of Triathlon Australia run their own events that at times involves the clubs battling against each other. This happens towards the end of the season and is known as the Club Champs. The event in NSW where we live is an important one on the triathlon calendar and it certainly brings club members together and united for a cause – all triathelets like a challenge and are a wee bit competitive! We suggest at least attending one and you may just get hooked.

Our local club is the Warringah Triathlon Club catering for all the triathletes across the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Are you a member of a triathlon club? Which one? Why do you love being a member of your local triathlon club?

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