Because they couldn’t tri without us!

When it comes to supporting a loved one at a triathlon I have quite a few years of experience. It began when my husband watched an Ironman race in the 90’s and he declared he had to do one…and so our tri journey began!

Almost 20 years later and I have a junior triathlete in the family now as well, so we have moved from watching long course triathlons to short course and everything in between!

This photo was taken in Mooloolaba, Queensland before race start. The t-shirts I am wearing has been my motto – BEHIND EVERY IRONMAN IS A WOMEN OF STEEL. I get a lot of smiles and thumbs up from other women when wearing the t-shirt because the truth behind triathlons (especially long course ones) is that triathletes couldn’t train and compete without the support of their families.

When you have children especially there is a real balancing act for triathletes to fit in training with their work and family. It’s the wife/husband/partner who needs to back them all the way on their mission, and when it comes to race week and race day, we are their number one supporter cheering them to the finish line.

Supporting my husband was the reason I first started this blog and so an important part of this website is my Tri Support section where I share my experiences and tips on being a triathlon supporter – at home, at training and when racing – because they couldn’t do it without us!


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